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We specialize in helping businesses grow, raise money, and build strategic relationships. With over 50 years of experience we have helped many of our clients reach their goals and exceed them.
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"At Woll Enterprises, we realize the challenges entrepreneurs face while trying manage daily work while envisioning and executing on new growth opportunities. Investing your time and energy must lead to high returns!""

-David Woll

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Since 2010 we have helped over six companies reach their goals of raising money, increasing their evaluation, bringing products to market, and increasing their return on investment. We exist to help you find the fastest and most efficient ways overcome any challenging situation to move your business forward.

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David Woll


David consults, advises, mentors and secures financing for startup, early- and later-stage companies in life sciences and health care, consumer and industrial products, software, advanced manufacturing and technology, and renewable and clean energy. The company has an extensive national client base.

What Others Say

"I'm extremely pleased and happy to be working with David Woll. David is a highly organized and knowledgeable in fundraising and does take the time to understand the core of your business, which gives him knowledge and therefore ability to look for the right investor just for you/your company... I would not hesitate in having David Woll assist you in your project."

"I was more than happy to provide feedback on our Company's experience after more than 6 years of involvement. David clearly understands the challenges involved in finding the "right" sources of capital/assistance needed for growth and is highly respectful and aware that the project is the clients "baby". We have benefited from his experience and capabilities and have truly enjoyed working with such a professional."

"I have known David for several years. He has given sessions to Capital Innovators (a top 10 ranked Accelerator in the country) portfolio companies on fundraising and shared his years of experience. If you're looking for someone that has decades of experience in the startup space and in fundraising, David is your guy."

"I have known David for several years and he has always gone out of his way to help startups. He has a long career of experience working in the startup space and a lot of valuable fundraising expertise that startups should leverage."

"David has been instrumental in both the development and execution of our MOMENTUM Mentorship program for start-up life sciences companies. As part of a team of mentors, David offered his vast experience and insight to benefit an early stage business and provided feedback and guidance on their financial development strategy. Always eager to engage, David has had a tremendous impact on the life sciences industry in Indiana. "

I started working with David after meeting him at an event on the north side of Indianapolis. After hearing about his business dealings and his breadth of experience, I decided to hire him as a business coach (something I’d never done before). Within 30 minutes of my first interaction with David, he radically altered how I viewed my work and my value. Because of this, I altered how I interacted with my community and opened up a completely new set of opportunities in my work. Working with David has very clearly been worth it.

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